Championing Women in Sport: Nicole Evans


This feature is part of our Alumni 'Championing Women In Sport' series, which puts the spotlight on USW graduates who are kicking outdated prejudices about women in sport to the curb. Learn more about these inspirational women: Championing Women In Sport


Nicole completed her UEFA B and Masters in Advanced Performance Football Coaching at USW. She is now a football tutor at USW and a coach in the USA.

What does your current job entail?

I am currently in the US supporting/tutoring other students who are coaching in the US, but also who are studying online to achieve their Bachelors in Football Coaching Development & Administration. 

I was recently given the role of 2 Academy level teams in the US. This entails travelling to multiple showcase all across the US. Including Washington, California, North Carolina etc. I also achieved my USSF ‘A’ License out here. I’m hoping to be coaching at either the college or pro level out here. 

How can the Sports Industry be more inclusive?

I think, offering female only courses etc. The game is growing for female coaches, and I know some very good female coaches with zero licenses because of the fact that it's all men and the cost.

Who inspires you?

My parents, they have constantly supported me and allowed me to be responsible for all of my decisions. Additionally, my college coaches out here in the states. They are the reason I have the mentality I do. 

They constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and continually instilled a love for the game in myself. Not only that, but they are the reason why I’ve achieved what I have. 

What is your favourite song to listen to prior to competing?

You shook me all night long - AC/DC

What are your three top tips for any aspiring females wanting to go into the Sporting Industry?

  1. Step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Fail sometimes, its ok.
  3. Talk the game.