The Expert Witness

Moot court Forensics Law

The Interpretation, evaluation and presentation of casework module is taught on the MSc Analytical and Forensic Science course

Students receive training in three key areas:

  • Expert witness techniques
  • Chemometrics - the science of extracting information from chemical systems by data-driven means
  • the Bayesian theory - looking at the concept of probability

The main focus of the module is expert witness techniques. Students are trained how to write professional expert witness statements and deliver testimony in court. We have very experienced staff delivering the training - Nigel Hodge is a practising forensic scientist and very experienced expert witness who has worked on a number of very high profile cases.

We also employ Yvonne Turner who used to train professional forensic scientists at the forensic science service in expert witness techniques.

Knowledge of chemometrics and bayesian theory allows our students to interpret chemical and biological data and present their findings in a legally defensible manner.