Virtual access to our Cyber labs and support from lecturers made online learning accessible and enjoyable

Yaqoob Alrayes - MSc cyber security Student .png

Yaqoob Alrayes completed his Masters qualification in Cyber Security virtually. Here, he tells us how his expectations of online learning were exceeded with virtual access to University software and excellent support from lecturers to ensure the completion of his Masters project.

"At first, my thoughts were everywhere. I was asking myself 'how will this be possible?' as in this degree, students need to use the university’s labs to gain access to the amazing software provided, which makes this degree so special. Moreover, going back home was a struggle at the beginning too. A couple of adjustments were needed to get back on track with this new way of learning.

USW has changed all of my thoughts. As the university provided full access to the Cyber labs virtually, with all of its’s benefits which includes the use of the computer’s power and software. This means no matter what computer I am using at home, I will be using the labs’ computer virtually as I was using when I was on campus. Another method of learning was the distance learning presentations provided by the lecturers which were clear and included sources for further understanding if needed.

As this degree is all about technology, there were no hard moments in adjusting to virtual learning. Email communication was easier to express words clearly and adding attachments to show the lecturer or advisor the work or questions to have better feedback with clear instructions on both sides. Moreover, I have been meeting up with my advisor for my MSc project every week virtually using blackboard voice communication which is convenient and relaxing as we shared documents and have a chat about them to make things simpler."

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