"Studying at USW feels like the perfect decision for my AI aspirations"

Md. Johirul Islam - MSc Artificial Intelligence_52252

Student Md. Johirul Islam talks about why he feels MSc Artificial Intelligence gives him the best opportunity to embrace AI. 

I'm Md. Johirul Islam, a postgraduate student currently studying an MSc Artificial Intelligence at the University of South Wales. I was drawn here due to the University's reputation in AI and advanced research facilities. I really felt it would give me the best opportunity to fully embrace my subject.

The high-demand career prospects and innovation in AI fuel my passion. USW's robust academic curriculum has equipped me with cutting-edge skills, making me ready for the job market. I've engaged with industry representatives through career fairs, broadening my professional network.

The course is well-structured, covering crucial areas within AI such as deep learning and machine learning. Using UniApp, we were able to access all resources and software relevant to the field, giving us an authentic, hands-on experience. My advice for prospective students is simple - stay curious and relish the world's innovation.

My study environment at the Treforest campus is calming and conducive for learning. Although being an international student meant I couldn't attend pre-application campus events, I found ample online resources to help me.

The standout aspect of my USW experience has been the faculty. Their unwavering support and friendliness have enhanced my academic journey. Studying at USW feels like the perfect decision for my AI aspirations.