"I chose USW for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive facilities" says student Noel

Noel Anthony - Artificial Intelligence MSc_52239

Student Noel Anthony talks about why he chose to study MSc Artificial Intelligence at USW. 

I'm Noel, studying MSc Artificial Intelligence at the University of South Wales. I chose USW for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive facilities that I believed would best equip me to meet my future career aspirations.

The rapid technology growth fuelled my interest in AI. I'm passionate about learning and applying new technologies in real-world contexts to showcase how technology aids our everyday life.

Hands-on experience with real-world projects at USW has prepared me to face industry challenges and troubleshoot problems, while collaborating with industry professionals on projects and conferences has enriched my knowledge of AI applications.

We've utilised industry-standard software like ANACONDA, TABULAE, and SQL. Familiarity with these tools is a massive asset, as tech giants commonly use them. My lecturers' guidance has enabled me to become adept at using this software, preparing me for industry challenges. Knowledge areas like Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision have further equipped me for real-world applications.

For future students, USW's student support is exceptional, and you will never feel alone or without help. USW's support services, including the Advice Zone, library, and career service, have been incredibly helpful. They've assisted me with tasks like creating CVs and finding research papers.

I highly recommend USW to anyone eager to learn more about technology. Its state-of-the-art facilities will shape your future beyond imagination.