"I am confident this course is equipping me with necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the AI industry"

Rob Whittey Artificial Intelligence MSc_52243

MSc Artificial Intelligence student Rob Whittey talks about why he chose USW to study AI. 

I am Rob Whittey, a postgrad student pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of South Wales. I chose USW for my postgraduate study due to its strong reputation for high-quality education, industry-standard facilities, and robust student support.

Being fascinated by the rapid growth and influence of AI in our lives, I made the decision to delve into this field, in order to better comprehend the dynamic digital world we inhabit. The course has given me a thorough understanding of AI, providing me with skills that are highly coveted in today's job market.

During my study, I had the opportunity to engage with industry professionals at various career fairs and conferences arranged by USW. This gave me valuable insights into my career prospects in the AI field. The course primarily employs Python programming, a vital tool in AI and machine learning. Though I initially lacked knowledge in Python, the course is expertly designed to aid students of all skill levels to reach proficiency.

I am confident that this course is equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the AI industry. The university's excellent support services have also been instrumental in my academic journey, particularly the seminars they organized on dissertation writing.

To anyone contemplating studying AI at USW, I say: don’t hesitate! The support, learning opportunities, and enriching experiences offered here are unparalleled. Don't be shy to seek help when needed, immerse yourself in the opportunities presented, and embrace the exciting world of AI.