MSc Artificial Intelligence is "designed to cater to the growing AI expertise demand" says Dr. Mabrouka Abuhmidais

Dr Mabrouka Abuhmida - MSc Artificial Intelligence _52263

AI specialist Dr. Mabrouka Abuhmida talks about how she delivers USW's MSc Artificial Intelligence course.

I'm Dr. Mabrouka Abuhmida, a specialist in AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, and deep learning applications. I lead the MSc in AI, Research, and Innovation Group, and am a Senior Lecturer of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, sharing my knowledge and experiences to shape future AI leaders. The AI landscape is constantly changing, and preparing students to meet these dynamic shifts is a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace.

My teaching methodology blends traditional practices with real-world applications, drawing on my extensive research and professional experiences in AI-related fields. My interactions with various innovation and research groups and supervision of MRes and PhD candidates, further add practical insights to my teaching. Apart from providing a deep understanding of the subject, I strive to show my students AI's vast potential and real-world impact.

In the current job market, computer skills have evolved to a higher demand for AI proficiency. With AI skills becoming increasingly crucial, I ensure my students not only acquire technical skills but also develop vital soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication.

The MSc AI course I lead at the University of South Wales is designed to cater to the growing AI expertise demand. The curriculum provides a thorough understanding of AI concepts and applications, segmented into three primary elements: Knowledge Representation and Expert Systems, Machine Learning and Statistical Models, and advanced AI topics like Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

My work has received broader recognition. I've been nominated multiple times for the Women in IT Excellence Award in the Role Model of the Year and Woman of the Year categories, underlining my impact in the IT and AI industries.

As an educator in AI, my mission is to shape future leaders by integrating academic rigour, practical insights, and an unwavering commitment to STEM education, ensuring my students' success in the AI-driven economy.