Aviation masters will open up management positions

Nency Philip Selvaraju from Malaysia - MSc Aviation Engineering and Management

Nency Philip Selvaraju from Malaysia studying MSc Aviation Engineering and Management.

"I always wanted to be a pilot, but the cost of the training was so expensive that I looked at aircraft maintenance instead. EASA-qualified aircraft engineers are globally sought after, and I realised this would be my passport to travel the world while still allowing me to work with aircraft.

Two years after graduating from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering degree, I enrolled on to postgraduate aviation programme, as this would allow me to apply for supervisory and managerial positions later on in my career, ideally in an airline quality or safety department.

The aviation degrees at USW are recognised worldwide so I was confident that the course would provide me with the skills, knowledge and expertise to succeed in the aviation industry.

The aviation management course is going very well and I absolutely love it! The teaching is excellent and I have a good rapport with the lecturers, all of whom are experienced engineers, and really care about helping their students to excel.

The course covers a wide variety of tools, techniques and research methods, and how they can be applied to solve real-life problems within the aviation industry. My favourite module is Aircraft Systems Design and Optimisation, where teams of three to five students report and present on the development and certification of a next generation aircraft system.

I would recommend this aviation programme to anyone who wants to work in aviation management or engineering technicians who want to widen their career options."