Graduate, Shubh, has landed a role at RVL Aviation

Shubh Birari.jpg

Following his MSc Aviation Engineering and Management course, Shubh Birari landed a role at RVL Aviation, managing and assisting in engineering stores and logistics control.

Here he speaks about his experience on the masters, how his learning has supported him in his role and why USW was his university of choice for his master's course:

"As well as the world-class facilities and experienced staff, the location of the University of South Wales (USW) is hugely beneficial. It's one of the reasons why I chose to study for my Master’s in Aviation Engineering and Management there. As an aviation student, having leading aerospace/aviation giants like GE, Zodiac Aerospace, British Airways Engineering, Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce close to the University makes it easier to gain field experience through internships and job placements.

Following my course, I landed a role at RVL Aviation. My position involves managing and assisting in engineering stores and logistics control. I’m thrilled by my appointment at the multi-speciality airline, based at East Midlands airport. I didn’t have direct experience in engineering stores when I first started employment there. My background was in aircraft maintenance. However, USW prepared me for my career through its study topics, discussions, group projects and assignments during the masters. Also, not to forget the contribution of the careers team and the staff at USW.

I chose to study in Wales from my home in Mumbai, India. The reason for this was that the UK was always on my visit list; while growing up. Especially the marvellous Welsh castles and lush countryside. When searching for a postgraduate course, the modules taught on USW's MSc Aviation Engineering and Management caught my attention. Having covered a few of the topics (to some extent) in my bachelor's, it was a precise upgrade and felt tailor-designed for me. The University is flexible, having two intakes per year. So, I chose to start my studies in February.

Following my experience at USW, I would recommend the Aviation Engineering and Management masters course to students wanting to explore and learn the various aspects of this branch of Aviation Engineering."