Masters brings me one step closer to achieving my CEng

Owain Morgan, Civil Engineering

Owain Morgan, an engineer with Walters UK Ltd, graduates from the MSc Civil and Structural Engineering in December, a course he studied part time whilst working.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying the civil engineering MSc at the University of South Wales and would highly recommend the course.

My aspiration is to become a chartered engineer and undertaking the postgraduate degree meant I would be one step closer to achieving my CEng.

I initially studied the part-time BEng Civil Engineering degree at USW while working with Capita Symonds as a CAD technician. I decided I needed to gain more site experience so went to work for a major earthworks contractor, Walters UK Limited, on the Heads of the Valleys Section 3 project.

My role on this project was ensuring all plant fitted with GPS was calibrated, managing any setting out for sections one and two, along with the setting out, monitoring and management of one of the largest RECO walls within the UK.

My interest in structures really began with the construction of this RECO wall and observing the construction of numerous other bridges on the project. I saw that the MSc would develop my engineering knowledge, especially in structures, and as the teaching had been so flawless on the BEng, I had no hesitation in returning to USW for the postgraduate degree.

My favourite project was the Individual Project as it allowed you to research into a topic of your choice and produce in-depth research and laboratory experiments. There was a range of lecturers, some with vast theoretical knowledge on structures and others with more recent on-site experience within the industry. This was very beneficial as there was always someone with the knowledge to answer my questions.

Probably the most difficult aspect of being a part time postgraduate student was juggling my work commitments - which naturally increase with time - with the demands of a master’s course.

What’s more, given the quantity of work required for a postgraduate degree, it did take up quite a lot of personal time in the evenings and on weekends - however, I had expected this.

Luckily, I had the full support of my employer who ensured I had sufficient time to spend on my academic work, and understood that it was mutually beneficial for me to achieve the highest grade possible."