Annemarie is now Policy and Research Assistant for the NSPCC

Annemarie Newbury, MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology

Annemarie Newbury completed her MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology degree in September 2014 and won prizes for best overall performance and best dissertation.

Annemarie is now a policy and research assistant for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

"The chance of a clinical placement was one of the most attractive aspects of this course. I think for anyone who is serious about a career in psychology, this applied experience is vital.

I was fortunate enough to spend eight weeks at the Service for High Risk Eating Disorders (SHED) at Whitchurch Hospital in Cardiff. It was hectic, especially on top of my dissertation and working part time, but it was worth every second, and I would recommend it to anyone.

My clinical supervisor at SHED was a Clinical Psychologist and my academic supervisor was a Health Psychologist from USWI learnt an incredible amount in the short time I was there, including clinical assessment, patient care (with quite complex cases) and devising outcome measures. 

I am really enjoying my new job. I'm working on a strand of the Welsh Neglect Project, commissioned by the Welsh Government. This research is exploring the support that schools and early years services can provide children with when there are signs of low level neglect. 

I work across the board with children’s services, including schools and school governors, Welsh government agencies and lots of third party sector organisations. 

I have an online survey which I am distributing to professionals working in schools and early years services across the whole of Wales to explore current good practice, ideas on what support could be provided and barriers that exist when providing this support. 

I am also holding focus groups with schools and different professional groups to further explore what support could be provided.  The results will be written up in a report for the government with policy recommendations.

I believe that my placement, which gave me the experience of working with a multi-disciplinary team, and my research skills, developed through my studies in USW, got me the job with the NSPCC."