There is no other clinical psychology course like this

Suraj Mehan - MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology

Suraj Mehan graduated from the MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology in 2015. He is now an Assistant Psychologist in the North East London Foundation Trust. 


What influenced you to do this postgraduate course?
There is no clinical psychology masters course like this in any other university. Because of this, and the interesting modules on offer, I felt it would not only help me gain more in-depth knowledge into the field of clinical psychology but also help me stand out in an ever competitive world of trying to get on to a clinical doctoral programme.  

How has the qualification helped you in your career? 
It has helped me gain more of an understanding of the theory and evidence behind the work of mental health professionals.  

What were the most valuable aspects of the course?
A wider understanding of the health care policy and NICE guidelines that dictate the best treatment interventions for a variety of mental health disorders but at the same time, developing the skills and ability to be critical on the efficacy of these interventions. 

What were the most enjoyable?
Seeing lecturers that were so passionate about their field and profession; it was really inspiring. 

Final words
Friendly staff who are passionate about the field; interesting and diverse modules - I recommend this course to anyone seeking to further their understanding and employment prospects in clinical psychology. I really had an amazing time and won't forget it!