I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a Clinical Psychologist

Oluwaseyi Fambegbe, MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology graduate

Oluwaseyi Fambegbe, from Lagos in Nigeria, graduated from the MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology in 2016. He is currently a doctoral student and assistant lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria.

"What I enjoy most about this career is the pursuit of academic knowledge, continuous engagement in research work and the opportunity to impart knowledge to the younger generations and society at large.

There is considerable stigma associated with mental illness in Nigeria, so to be part of a group of renowned Clinical Psychologist contributing to the drive of mental health awareness is very satisfying.

Having the Masters in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology has undoubtedly benefitted my career.

Firstly, I got an appointment as a Clinical Psychologist at a centre for mental health and drug rehabilitation. Shortly afterwards I was offered my current post of Assistant Lecturer, and then I was also accepted on to a doctoral program to enable further studies and research work.

The postgraduate qualification has influenced my practice too, most importantly when I worked as a Clinical Psychologist in a rehabilitation centre where I put my knowledge into practice while working with patients with different psychological needs.

Studying in the UK was fantastic. The environment was peaceful and quiet, the people were friendly and welcoming and, of course, weekends out with friends were memorable! I must say I enjoyed every single day from the first to the very last!

Whenever I needed academic support, my lecturers were available to assist in the best way they could. The experience I enjoyed the most was my exposure to the use of various psychological and neuropsychological testing tools - this has been very useful to me in my clinical work. 

The knowledge gained from eminent professors and senior lecturers was quite impactful, and I must say that their mode of teaching really helped me to imbibe a different approach to studying and also broadened my horizons in carrying out independent research.

I recommend the MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology to anyone who wants to become a Clinical Psychologist. There is a real need for more Clinical Psychologists out there, we are in a world where mental disorder is becoming a matter of importance and we need more professionals in the field."