Meet the lecturer: Eileen Munson

Eileen Munson, General Practice Nursing

Registered nurse Eileen Munson started her professional life in ITU before working as a Midwife, and then as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in General Practice. She is a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Naval Reserves and Queen's Nurse.

Describe what you do in one sentence
Teach: assessment, physical skills, how to plan and execute the delivery and prescribe for patients with complex care needs.

What do you enjoy about it?  
The best thing about this job is seeing nurses develop into thinking autonomous professionals at the end of the course. They turn around and say: “I never knew how much I didn’t know”.  They also feel proud of what they have been able to achieve and take back to clinical practice. My professional qualifications have also enabled me to travel to some far off places around the globe and meet some amazing people. We all learn from each other each and every day.

Biggest learning curve?
Training as a Midwife. It teaches you to work autonomously and to question, as the buck stops with you! This is a vital skill to have as a community nurse and working as a non-medical independent prescriber too. 

What to read before class...
Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis. It’s an excellent text for General Practice nurses or anyone who wishes to practice at an advance level.