Disaster Healthcare course will help my career as a humanitarian worker

Michaela Södergård, MSc Disaster Healthcare student

MSc Disaster Healthcare student Michaela Södergård, originally Finland, works for government and NGOs on refugee related issues, most recently for the Finnish Red Cross as a Development Officer for the multicultural programme.

She is currently on a six-month long internship with the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) in Geneva.

“I had been considering a Master's Degree related to disaster relief for some time. The possibility to do most of the course as distance learning was a definite advantage, which convinced me to apply. I have to say it has been remarkably smooth and trouble-free, even since relocating to the other side of the globe!

I was a bit hesitant due to the emphasis on healthcare, as I come from a social science background programme one of a kind.

I value the fact that as well as this being an academic course, it also offers hands-on training. 

The 12-week placement is very valuable, not only for practical experience, but for the network you build which I believe is key for your future career.

I believe the course will be a useful step in my career as a humanitarian worker. I have gained some invaluable knowledge that will help me when deploying to natural disasters or protracted emergencies in the future.”