Lecturer Rebecca Bushell reveals how she brings the theory to life

Rebecca-Bushell Accounting

Lecturer, accountant and business owner Rebecca Bushell reveals the key to her success, in business and the classroom.

The best thing I did was to complete a degree in accounting before opening my own business. It provided me with the knowledge that I needed to be able to manage my business successfully.

It also provided me with options. An accounting degree is so versatile it doesn’t just prepare you to enter the accounting profession but any business arena. I think in the current economic climate that flexibility and diversity is essential.

Being self employed was the very best learning experience. You get to try new ideas and are able to judge their success or failure directly. You learn to analyse all situations to ensure you are making the very best decisions because it’s your money you’re risking. I learnt more in the first three months of running my business than in the whole time I worked in industry.

One of the most useful learning experiences was putting together a business plan to raise the finance at the start, it ensured I had considered all possible contingencies and could justify what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it and then convince a bank to invest in me.

My diverse business background allows me to bring the theory to life. I can use real life experiences to illustrate the topics that I teach, this makes it easier for students to understand the theory. It also allows me to prepare students for the real world. I know the skills that employers are looking for so can ensure that students develop these skills while studying, increasing their employability on graduating.