Module: Corporate Governance

Top bosses - Antonio Vazquez and Willie Walsh
During the Corporate Governance module we will investigate the current topics in corporate governance, such as what is the right level of remunerations for directors and should directors of charities receive equivalent amounts. We’ll discuss the ramifications of allowing the market to set directors wages and the problems that could occur if limits were imposed on the market.


Should companies outsource their production to developing and transitional economies? We will look at corporate social responsibilities, and discuss topical issues such as using child labour, the impact of moving production abroad on the domestic economy and what if any responsibilities multinational companies owe transitional economies.

Should organisations place more emphasis on profit or corporate social responsibilities? We will look at actual case studies such as the Bangladesh factory disaster, Primark’s CSR strategies and Nestle’s strategy of compromise, take advantage of cheap labour but give something back. These cases will be used to discuss corporate social responsibility.

Prevention is better than cure

How can we stop the next financial crises? After building your understanding of the theories of corporate governance and different models we will evaluate if different corporate governance strategies could prevent other financial crises, we’ll analyse the changes made to the corporate governance code and assess if the changes will offer more protection against any future financial crises.

The module will be taught from international perspectives; we will look at example from a range of different countries and evaluate the different elements while considering the impact culture has on how the corporate governance model works.

Picture shows Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines group, the new holding company of British Airways, with Chairman of IAG Antonio Vazquez. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)