Module: Cases In Audit

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Diamond Foods to pay $5 million to settle SEC fraud case, report Reuters.

Ever wondered about these headlines?

In the past decade we have seen more and more corporate fraud cases and corporate failures.

In this module we will study real life case studies of corporate failures to investigate the role of audit in these failures and evaluate if audit could have prevented these cases.

We will look into the role of the internal and external auditor in these cases and determine if they met their professional obligations.

You will be working as a team or individually to analyse and evaluate the cases, determining what went wrong, who the culpable parties were and what role audit played in the failure.

You will complete an assignment based on each case. This module will be assessed using a range of techniques.

You will not be asked to write a critical essay but rather interview a fictional Internal Auditor about internal controls after studying the impact of the failure of internal control on an organisation, or design a poster highlighting the importance of ethics after examining cases where the auditors failed to meet their ethical obligations.

Taught by Rebecca Bushell.

Image show The US Securities and Exchange Commission. Photographer: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images News)