Learn the philosophy and practice of research

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The module is concerned with the meaning of research for a Masters student in Finance or Accounting.  It deals with the philosophy and practice of research in a little more depth than an undergraduate degree.

The essential process of research, whether it is for business or academia, is the same. So the first part of the assessment for the module is to write a research proposal in a fairly formal way. It is a statement of what you want to achieve in the research, why you are doing it, what others have done before you and how you propose to do it. 

A proposal would be written for any research grant application through academia, or it could be similar to tendering for a job in business. The second part of the assessment deals with the how of research, but more importantly the use of quantitative research.  In the form of a report you are to explain a set of topical quantitative data of your own choosing and to do some analysis with it. You may decide that afterwards you will rarely do any Quantitative research, but at least you will know the main techniques of reducing lots of data and summarising it for explanation to others. The software used for this analysis will be IBM SPSS, a widely accepted software used for analytics.