Security briefing


MSc Global Governance students recently visited the Embassy of the United States (US), London, as part of their induction programme at the University of South Wales.

The trip was organised by Dr Bela Arora, Award Tutor for the MSc Global Governance, to give students grounding in some of the key topics explored on the course. The visit to the US Embassy was an opportunity for students to develop an insight into prominent security debates such as foreign fighters and counterterrorism. 

During their visit students had a briefing session with Alexander Guittard, who leads on counterterrorism issues. He engaged in frank discussion about a range of security challenges and highlighted the US policy position, as well as global approaches to shared challenges. This was invaluable for students in reinforcing that there is a growing number of challenges that cannot be resolved unilaterally. Rather, there is a need to collaborate with other states, and international governmental and nongovernmental organisations to make a positive and meaningful impact.

The trip also included a visit to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in London. Students engaged in workshops and open Q and A sessions with policy representatives on issues of international security and human security.

When speaking about the trip, Dr Bela Arora said: “Students come to the course from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, politics, business, law and religious studies, therefore the introductory week is key in providing a common grounding in issues we explore on the course. This visit to the US Embassy gave students a chance to engage directly with policy makers. Alexander Guittard also offered students the unique opportunity for a no-holds-barred Q and A session.”