Hear from the experts

Students on the MSc Global Governance course benefit from regular masterclasses and sessions with noted figures from politics and business, who are able to share their first hand experience of cross cultural negotiation, global partnerships and new security challenges.

Students have recently met: 

Lord Peter Hain, former member of Parliament who served in the cabinets of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. 

Lord Hain is a Visiting Professor on the course, and on this visit delivered a masterclass on the topic of blood diamonds.  He was instrumental in raising awareness about blood diamonds at a global level and was one of the drivers behind the development of the Kimberley Process, which aimed to clean up the diamond trade through a government-led certification scheme.  

Geoff Cousins, former Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover

Visiting Professor Cousins delivered a masterclass to students on one of the biggest corporate news stories of 2015 – the Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal. Geoff talked the students through the unfolding of the scandal before analysing the potential effect on Volkswagen and the wider automotive industry. Students considered how they would deal with the situation if they were in the shoes of VW management, before hearing Professor Cousins’ thoughts on internal and external strategies to underpin a response.

Chris Lincoln-Jones, Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition Specialist

Chris has had operational experience worldwide including with the United Nations and NATO and is an Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition Specialist with a particular knowledge of Unmanned Air Systems, commonly known as drones. 

In the masterclass, about military intervention, Chris discussed case studies of where military intervention has been successful and unsuccessful and highlighted the variables that determined the outcome. 

Jack Straw, Former Home Secretary 

Jack Straw delivered a high level masterclass following a public lecture at the University. It was an opportunity for the students on the course to have a dedicated closed session with Jack about Iran's position in the international system.  He argued that the United Kingdom needs to ‘recalibrate’ its relationship with Iran, and that we should ask not only ‘what sort of relationship do we want with Iran’, but also, ‘what kind of Iran do we want to see’?