Course and module content is relatable to my working environment

David Wade - MSc Human Resource Management student

David Wade is a part-time MSc Human Resource Management student who works as a HR Case Manager for the Ministry of Justice.

"I applied to study the MSc Human Resource Management at the University of South Wales to open up opportunities to progress within Human Resources (HR). After meeting with the teaching team at the Newport Campus I was impressed with the industry experience they have. I felt it would really complement the experience you get in the classroom and that I would be able to relate to what they had to say.

The location of Newport City Campus has been ideal as it is close to my place of work. The facilities are great and I have found it useful being able to use the library over the weekend; particularly when working towards assignment deadlines. The service provided by the library is really good and staff are helpful in dealing with any questions you have.

The HRM course looks at HR at strategic level and broadens your understanding of what HR is about. It is CIPD accredited and this in itself improves your job prospects following graduation. The CIPD runs events open to students studying the course and those who attend provide feedback to the class about what they have learned. CIPD events allow you to network which can be invaluable in terms of career progression.

My favourite module so far has been Leading, Managing and Developing People. There has been a great emphasis on discussion during sessions and its content is relatable to my working environment. Through discussions I have learned a great deal of how other students work in various sectors. I have also enjoyed the Performance Management module as it is practical and has allowed me to apply what I have learned to the workplace.

The level of support you get from lecturers on the course is incredible. Staff are always happy to speak with you about any concerns you have. Sian Jenkins and Chris Newport have been amazing and instrumental in encouraging candid discussions amongst the class. Whilst facilitating this they have helped us to feel comfortable and engaged at all times. As students on the part-time course at Newport are employed alongside their studies, you get to learn about the different practices in various organisations in a safe environment. This furthers your development and alters your approach to problem solving.

The HRM course has widened my knowledge of HR and has given me a broader understanding of the support that HR provides to businesses. It has helped my confidence grow and I now go into work feeling much more receptive and find myself questioning decisions that are made - rather than just accepting them".