Abbie talks about her time on the MSc Human Resources course

Abbie Williams.jpg

Abbie Williams is an MSc Human Resource Management student, who enrolled on the course to specialise following her undergraduate degree.

What have you gained through your postgraduate studies?

The MSc Human Resource Management has prepared me for future employment in the field of human resources (HR). I feel self-assured that I can apply the theory I’ve learned through the various modules to any given HR role. The teaching staff have been amazing and the people I’ve met through the course have enhanced the learning experience, making it the best it could be. When I enter employment, I will already have a network of people I can lean on if there’s anything I need.

What was the main reason for you joining the course?

One of the biggest draws to the course was its Charted Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) accreditation. I recognise it’s something that distinguishes you from graduates of similar courses when applying for jobs. It proves to employers that you have the skill-set and level of expertise they’re looking for, which makes you more appointable at interview.

What has been your favourite module?

Leading, Managing and Developing People is my favourite module. It teaches you to start questioning everything you ever knew about something rather than taking things for face value. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the content and its lead me to a new way of thinking, which is why I’m doing my dissertation in this area. My dissertation will focus on toxicity in global capitalisation in relation to dystopian worlds.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

During tutorials, we quite often debate the topic we’re learning. Its great way of people expressing their opinions and it’s helped me to become better at critical thinking. Debates encourage you to explore a subject and you end up learning so much more than you would purely reading through lecture slides. It’s broadened how I view things and it’s changed the way I approach things. The lecturers are brilliant at facilitating the sessions and challenge you throughout.

How has the student support been on your course?

The support I’ve received at the University has been second-to-none. The lecturers operate an open-door policy and some are even known to reply to e-mails around the clock! There were points during the course where I lost my confidence but the teaching staff picked me back up and reassured me that I was on the right track. In no time at all I was back into the swing of things and seeking my next challenge.