I now have the tools to set up my own business, says Sergej

Sergej Bardin.jpg

Sergej Bardin is an MSc International Business and Enterprise student from Germany. Sergej wants to use the entrepreneurial skills gained, to start up his own IT business venture.

"My career goal is to establish my own Information Technology (IT) business. The course has helped me to realise this through the Entrepreneurial Start-up module. It provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start my own business venture. I applied what I learnt in class to my assignment; which was to create my own business plan. This exercise has given me an awareness of what the process of setting up a business involves.

Through the course I’ve enhanced my research methods, learning to take a more international approach. The structure of undertaking research is very different to what I would follow in Germany. It’s a philosophical method of doing things, and a new perspective to what I’ve previously been exposed to. This is just one example of how my mind-set has changed in the way I approach the work I do, through studying the Masters.

The course has given me the chance to meet students from many different countries and to learn from other cultures. This is what makes the MSc International Business and Enterprise such an enriching course. I would particularly recommend it to anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations as you’re a given the tools needed to create a successful business (doing whatever it is you love to do). I look forward to applying what I’ve learnt on the Masters, to the IT industry, when putting my entrepreneurial skills to the test."