Nart from Thailand shares his experience of the course

Nart Paksamut.jpg

Nart Paksamut is an MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management student from Thailand. He is studying the course to progress his career. 

"Having previously worked for Alcutel-Lucent, in a logistics coordinator role, I reached a point in my career where I needed a Masters to take my career to the next level. The University of South Wales has an excellent reputation for producing graduates that exceed employer expectations in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. That’s why this particular Masters stood out to me.

With a desire to work in procurement, this course will give me the knowledge and skills needed to establish a successful career. The course is challenging, but it pushes you to exceed academically. Not only am I learning the theory, I’m able to apply it to the experience I had at Alcutel-Lucent managing shipments, procurement and buying, which is fantastic.

Assignments I’ve worked on have given me the freedom to apply a topic to an area of my choice. This has made the work even more interesting. During discussions with other students you learn how they’ve applied the theory, which can often lead to you exploring new avenues in your work. 

I’ve enjoyed my time at USW and I’m proud to be studying in the UK education system. I’ve loved sharing the experience with people from other countries such as China, Nigeria and Vietnam. It’s been a great opportunity to find out more about different cultures, whilst experiencing an international approach to education."