Anna talks about how her studies will improve her job prospects

Anna Mbundu.jpg

Anna Mbundu is an MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management student from Namibia. She began her studies in February, through our February Start scheme.

"Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a growing area of business back home in Namibia. As my background is in economics, studying the MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management will help me break into this field. It will also help widen my job prospects back home.

The course content is the main reason for me studying the Masters at USW. The theory can be applied to businesses around the world. The University also offers the course as a February Start, so I didn't have to wait until September to enrol. The subject matter is new to me, which can be a challenge at times, but the lecturers are engaging which has made the content easier to learn and apply. During classes the group works really well together. We share our knowledge and experiences, in a supportive environment. This has made the learning experience enjoyable.

I've received incredible guidance and support from teaching staff, as well as experiencing new and exciting ways of learning. The Course Leader Stuart Milligan operates an open door policy, which is really useful when there's something you're unsure of. The provision is fantastic and as long as you put in the work, there's nothing to stop you from succeeding.

Studying at USW is my first time away from home. There's a lovely community at the University of South Wales - everyone is so friendly and welcoming which helps you feel at home. The transportation links to the University are excellent, so I'm hoping to make the most of this by doing some travelling whilst in Wales."