What you will study: Trends in Marketing

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In the course of the Trends in Marketing model offered on the MSc Marketing, we will examine what is happening in contemporary markets, and examine the phenomena that form the basis for trends.  You will discuss the current business environment, and contextualise what is happening there within the theoretical frameworks that form the basis of marketing science.  Examples of topics are given below, but it should be noted that this module is delivered in a flexible manner so as to take advantage of, and interact with situations that occur in the external environment. 


Mobile phones, or life support systems?

Within this particular topic, we will examine how marketers are reacting to changes in consumer behaviour which emanate from the extensive use of mobile technology in our day-to-day lives.  You will investigate the best online mechanisms for effective market segmentation and targeting, and see first-hand the way in which marketers can track which online communications are most successful with today's consumer.  We will discuss the consumer's interaction with online media and traditional media, and develop understanding of how one impacts upon the other.


Plenty of fish in the sea

Does it matter what you say, wear and consume?  As part of an investigation into the marketing of 'self' as a product, you will discuss relevant seminal works, and then apply the theory in a critical manner to the marketing of self in an online dating world.  Students will conduct an investigation into the way in which individuals promote the self in such fora, and will discuss the differences between expressed and perceived self-concept.   Awareness of how we project self-concept will help the student to understand the importance of how to construct an appropriate image for different situations, and also help them to be able to deconstruct the way in which others project themselves.


Ethical marketing

Some groups of consumers are considered to be vulnerable.  As examples, we could cite the young and the elderly - groups at opposite ends of the age continuum.  As responsible marketers, we have to balance being successful in business with being able to communicate with such market segments in a sustainable and ethical manner.  We will examine the theory surrounding the ethics and codes of marketing, and will apply the models to contemporary practice.

The Trends in Marketing module will take into consideration exactly what is developing in the marketing arena, and will be adapted so that students are able to discuss real-life situations at a time when they are being talked about in the public domain.  Students are expected to interact and to be ready to contribute to in-class discussions in an informed manner, contextualising their experiences as both consumers and communicators within the theoretical frameworks discussed.