Work hard, stay humble and have a good attitude

Best Composer Award - Min

MSc Music Engineering & Production graduate Liuh Min Wong, known as Min, was presented with the award for the best composer at the It’s My Shout and Universal Music awards. 

Min explains how the masters program helped her develop her skills and confidence. 

The production skills I learnt enabled me to explore my creativity

There was a short period of time where I was lacking in confidence and didn’t think my music was good enough, so it felt great to be awarded best composer.

The production skills I learnt during the course enabled me to explore and expand my creativity.

For example, I’ve learnt to be more experimental when it comes to designing a music patch by using different plugins. On the other hand immersive audio, also known as 360 audio, has opened up a completely new world to me.

Studying at USW has been an eye-opening experience

Being able to play around with the 360 degree sound field gave me an enormous amount of space to experiment with sound and creativity.

Studying the MSc Music Engineering and Production also introduced me to the world of game audio.

Getting to know the talented game developers on the Game Enterprise masters course gave me the opportunity to work on music for various games.

Together with my music-writing-partner, Hui, we collaborated with Mochi Mode Ltd on the game Moo Moo Move, which was released on Oct 2019.

Overall, it's been such an eye-opening experience to study at USW.

The best part of USW? The lecturers

I came to USW from Asia. It's quite a conservative place, even when it comes to music!

The encouragement from the lecturers in the course boosted my confidence and allowed me to free my thoughts and ideas. 

They are very open-minded and supportive, which is something I loved about my time at USW.

I want my music to have a positive impact on everyone

You need to work hard, stay humble and have a good attitude to make it in the music world.

It's important that you listen to feedback, regardless of whether it's good or bad, and learn from within.

You have to keep learning, technology evolves quickly and so does the music industry.

In terms of what the future holds for me, I'm hoping to write some new music. I want my music to have a positive impact on everyone across the world.