Module: Child Development

Kids playing
The Child Development module focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive and biological development of the child. It takes as central the nature of the relationship between the child and primary carers and explores the way in which Attachment Theory explains the potential outcomes and problems associated with different attachment experiences and the consequences of poor care during childhood.

Using a child-focused framework, we explore major theories of child development and classic theorists are considered alongside more contemporary researchers. In this module we also investigate the role of play as a vehicle for learning and therapy in childhood and we consider the learning potential of play for language, social, emotional and cognitive development. The uniqueness of play and its role in healthy development is also considered.

This module equips students with the skills required to undertake 30 hours of child observation with a child aged 0-3 years as required by the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT). The module is taught via workshop sessions, directed study and independent study. Assessments include a group presentation, an observational report based on the 30 hour child observation and an essay.