Don’t worry about not having a psychological background, this course provides a brilliant introduction

Rachel Wilks

Rachel has Degrees in History, but even without a psychological background, she is on her way to qualifying as a Educational Psychologist.

I’m a Teaching Assistant at a school for Deaf children, working with those between the ages of 11-16. I also teach Deaf Awareness and an introduction to British Sign Language (BSL) at a mainstream secondary school.  I had always aimed to go down the teaching route, my academic background is not in psychology, but history. I have a BA (Hons) History degree and a Masters by Research in History, where I researched Aspects of Deafness in Eighteenth Century England. I also hold a Master’s degree in Deaf Studies!

My initial career aim was to go down the teaching route and qualify as a Teacher of the Deaf, but my current job has made me realise I enjoy the mentoring aspects more than the teaching aspects and literally overnight, a future career as an Educational Psychologist sprung to mind! This is partly due to my professional background and partly due to my personal experience of going through mainstream education as a Deaf person and being a mother to Deaf children: I feel strongly about Deaf people’s rights to equality, but particularly Deaf children’s rights to an accessible education without barriers. I’ve actually got a place on the PGCE, but I keep deferring it, so teaching is obviously not for me!

After my lightbulb moment, I did some research to see how I could go down the Educational Psychologist route without a psychology background and discovered the first step would be to enrol on a MSc Psychology (Conversion) course. An application later, here I am studying at USW! I particularly liked how this course is delivered online, as it gives the flexibility to watch lectures and engage in the course while fitting it in around work and family commitments.

The fact we have the opportunity to gain Graduate Basis for Chartership on completion of this MSc is a great starting point to my aim to become an Educational Psychologist.  Upon completion of this course, I aim to complete a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. As someone who does not have a background in psychology, this course will help me meet the entry requirements. 

So if you're thinking of applying for this course—do it! Don’t worry about not having a psychological background, if that’s the case. This course provides a brilliant introduction to all the basics, as well as going in depth to enhance your knowledge and set you up as a future psychologist!