Public Health course improved my knowledge and leadership style

Dr. Mohammad Ferdaus Alam - MSc Public Health graduate

Dr Mohammad Ferdaus Alam, from Bangladesh, graduated from the MSc in Public Health in 2017.

A former medical doctor, now working as a medical scientific liaison manager, Mohammad took the public health course in order to make the move from medicine to the public health sector. He also wanted to improve his job prospects and access more opportunities to live and work in other countries.

"The public health course is hugely beneficial for people from all sectors who want to get a good understanding of public health and build up a career in the public health sector.

The teaching methods, such as group-based learning, were a turning point for me. They really helped me to think outside the box. I particularly enjoyed the workshops and team projects.

As an example, in our very first class, the course leader asked us to imagine, as we were lost in a desert after our plane crashed there. What three things would we urgently need and why? As well as being enjoyable, these type of tasks stretch your thinking and teach you how to work as a team. You have to negotiate with your fellow students and come to decisions that everyone is happy with.

The course helped me in my job as I am required to solve problems innovatively. It also helped me to improve my leadership style and broaden my knowledge base – important as I need to manage lots of different areas at the same time."