Meet the course leader: Dr James Reed

Dr James Reed

Dr James Reed is the course leader for the MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management and a member of the Sustainable Environment Research Centre where he is engaged on the FLEXIS and SMART Circle projects.

"I think that it’s getting to a crunch point now, where action to decarbonise the energy system is going to have to accelerate.

"This means considering not just electricity, but heat production and the link between those two networks, with, alongside that a real need to reduce the energy intensity of our industrial processes. All this while keeping the lights on, ensuring we have enough clean water, and dealing with the waste streams produced by industry and society.

"A zero-carbon society is going to have to happen, highly skilled graduates will be needed to make it happen and our MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management is designed to produce those graduates.

"There isn’t an easy answer, a one-size-fits-all magic bullet. But by the time they graduate, students of this MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management will have developed the knowledge and skills to help produce solutions to these problems.

"They will learn about technology from wind and solar power to microbial fuel cells, water treatment to electrolysis for hydrogen production, waste treatments ranging from thermochemical to biological processes, and how these might fit together to produce a zero-carbon economy."

James’s current research activity includes:

  • the development of novel process monitoring systems for anaerobic treatment processes involving the use of FT-NIRS and GC-IMS with multivariate statistical techniques
  • the use of bio-H2 and biogas as feed stocks for solid oxide cells for the production of syngas and energy
  • system modelling of integrated energy networks with a focus on the utilisation of hydrogen as an energy balancing mechanism.