Masters Sport course was a Global Bridge to my Research Journey


Priyankara Manoj Rajakaruna, from Sri Lanka, is a PhD Candidate in Sports Science at the Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research (CESSR) within Edith Cowan University, Australia. Manoj completed his Bachelor in Physical Education and Sports at the International School of Physical Education and Sports in Cuba with First Class Honours (2007-2013). He moved to the United Kingdom in 2017 to complete his MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science degree at University of South Wales (USW).

“Internationally renowned lecturers, a wide variety of modules and state-of-the-art sports science laboratories and strength and conditioning facilities at USW inspired me to apply for the MSc Sport, Health and Exercise course. I’m thankful to all the passionate lecturers and staff for their professional guidance and support during my MSc programme.

I really enjoyed the Exercise Physiology module delivered by Dr Chris Marley. It helped me learn a range of new laboratory skills and provided me with the opportunity to apply them in the impressive USW environmental chamber. Moreover, I had the fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge from the world-leading strength and conditioning coach Professor Ian Jeffreys. A particular highlight was the Professional Work Based Development module, which allowed me to be a part of the USW Weightlifting Team and helped me develop both my professional and vocational skills in the specialist centre for strength and conditioning.

This course allowed me to truly understand what it means to be a researcher and to tailor my skills to real-world situations in sport and exercise science. I have had the fantastic opportunity to network with experts in the sports sector globally and have now started my PhD at the Edith Cowan University in Australia. I hope to share all the knowledge, skills and experiences I gained from the course in my new role as a researcher, for the betterment of the sports industry and community health.”