Studying this postgraduate degree gave me invaluable skills and improved my confidence

MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science

In 2019, Hannah Cullen graduated with a Distinction following completion of the MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science course. Here, she reflects on her experiences:

"Studying a postgraduate degree with the University of South Wales has developed so many of my personal and professional skills by improving my confidence through the varied means of assessment.
For example, I had to lead practical laboratory sessions for prospective students, present findings to academic staff and conduct a systemic review of current literature.

As part of the MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science, I was able have my placement at the University Hospital of Wales, where I was based in the preoperative assessment clinics.

I observed preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) completed by patients who were, primarily, undergoing major colorectal surgery in the near future.
This was an eye-opening experience that improved my communication skills with both patients and hospital staff, and consolidated the fact that I want to pursue a career within the NHS post-graduation.

The variety of the course also enabled me to work with a range of different people; from academics and clinicians to fellow students. This meant that the exchange and collaboration of ideas was extremely rewarding.
The postgraduate Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of South Wales helped develop my professional skills in a number of ways.
For example, I now possess a more in-depth, theoretical knowledge regarding contemporary issues in the field of Sport, Health and Exercise Science (such as obesity, cognitive function and the link to dementia, diabetes).

In addition, this postgraduate degree enhanced my practical laboratory skills (phlebotomy, blood samples, etc), which can be directly transferred into a healthcare setting. The course also provided me with a greater ability to critique and analyse complex information from a range of different sources, like systematic reviews, journal articles, etc). As aforementioned, each module was assessed in a number of different ways and thus, many of the tasks required me to present and synthesise findings in a clear and concise manner."