This postgraduate degree has equipped me with essential knowledge in the coaching industry

Siteng Wang - MSc Sports Coaching and Performance.png

Siteng Wang studied his undergraduate degree in Beijing and moved to Wales to achieve a postgraduate qualification. Here, he explains how the MSc Sports Coaching and Performance at USW helped to develop his skills and confidence.

"I am a Chinese student and completed my undergraduate degree at Beijing Sport University. My University had a collaborated 5-month experiential study program at USW, during which I found out football coaching was one of the many strengths of USW. With the current course acting as a springboard, I hoped to progress onto another football coaching degree. 

The postgraduate degree has equipped me with essential knowledge in the coaching industry and broadened my interests to further develop on different aspects within coaching, e.g. coaching philosophy and emotional intelligence. I am also currently studying the UEFA B Licence with USW. 

Professionally the degree provided numerous positions for coaching football, both in and out of the campus. My placement as an analyst with one of the football teams at USW provided me with new experience and greater confidence to find further success in the UK.

I was also encouraged by Chloe, my Chinese friend, to take on the position of Student Rep for the course and help to improve mine and fellow students learning experience. For me it was important to keep a new mindset that students have chances to improve their courses, an opportunity I’d never had throughout the rest of my education. Also, I felt more confident in communicating with others and developing these core skills. From my point of view, the SU have been working hard to keep the rights for students to make a difference."

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