This Master’s programme helped me to form valuable international relations which will be beneficial to my future coaching career

Nasser Al Sawai MSc Sport Coaching & Performance

Nasser Al Sawai studied the MSc Sport Coaching & Performance programme to enhance his career as a coach in Oman.
Previously, he was a competitive swimmer competing in the Middle East and Asia, and wants to continue sharing his love of sport with the youth in Oman.
 “I chose this Master's degree to improve my role and performance as a coach.  I am a 2013 graduate from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.
Previously, I swam competitively in various University championships. During this time, I also began volunteering as a swimming coach and was helping to organize swim events.

At this time, my professional life included holding the title of Head Coach in the Omani military.

Since enrolling in the Master’s program, I was able to complete a placement with a group of Masters swimmers. This has been a new and exciting role for me, as previously I mainly worked with youth swimmers.

I believe that this programme helped me to grow personally and professionally, as it helped me to make international connections which will be valuable to my career.

I also had the chance to work with top international coaches, and elite athletes at the Cardiff International Swimming pool, which will be beneficial to my career.

Because of this valuable experience, I was able to obtain from this programme, I will utilize my skills to forge partnerships in order to create a better future for sport in Oman.

Specifically, this may mean eventually founding a swim club with international-level standards and coaches.

Thanks to this programme, to the leadership of the Course Mel Tuckwell and my mentor’s Andy Thomas I can clearly create my action plan for future development in my career.”