Course gives you the tools for a successful career in procurement management

Jannik Boma MSc Strategic Procurement Management

Jannik Boma studies the MSc Strategic Procurement Management course alongside his role as Strategic Purchasing Manager at German-based electrical drive manufacturer, Dunkermotoren.

"Before studying the Strategic Procurement  Management course at USW, I’d previously visited the University as part of my Undergraduate studies in Germany, and had a really good time. I loved the Welsh culture and way of life, and wanted to improve my English skills so decided to return to study the MSc Strategic Procurement Management, with support and sponsorship from my employer, Dunkermotoren.

I’ve really enjoyed the course - the classes are small meaning there’s a close network between the students on the course, which is really helpful. I did find it challenging to “go back” to university and focus on theoretical and academic studies but the support from the lecturers has been fantastic.

I am now working on my dissertation, my final project before I graduate. I have based it on current and future order qualifiers for Dunkermotoren’s procurement function, with focus on it’s rail and bus market. The dissertation aims to analyse and establish current and future requirements, which must be met by Dunkermotoren. I’ve conducted interviews with key customers, key suppliers with experiences in the relevant markets, internal employees and industry consultants so it’ll be a hugely beneficial study for my employers and my role.

The course prepared me well for future challenges in the global procurement field. I’m looking forward to returning to Dunkermotoren after completing the course, to implement the knowledge I’ve gained and research I’ve conducted as part of the course.

I’d highly recommend this course - it facilitates students with the tools, knowledge and opportunities for a successful career in procurement management, whether you progress to the course directly after an undergraduate degree or combine it with working experience as professional development."