Natalie visited Honduras as part of her Masters studies

Natalie Lubbock Biology

Natalie Lubbock graduated from BSc (Hons) Biology in 2013 and went on to study MSc Environmental Conservation Management which she completed in 2014 with distinction.


"I went to Honduras to do my MSc project where I conducted a reef comparison, surveying different reefs, diving twice a day for six weeks. It was a dream come true! 


I have gained so much confidence whilst being at USW, which has meant that I have the confidence to embark on expeditions such as my field work in Honduras, which I was awarded the Welsh Livery Company of Wales travel scholarship for, to help me with £1000 of the costs.


As a result of spending the Summer in Honduras, the research organisation I was with have asked me to go back next year as staff for the whole season leading dissertation students.     


Eventually I want to work within shark research, however, it is an extremely competitive field, therefore building as much experience as I can at the moment is vital.  My next goal is to continue in academia and start a PhD."