Meet the team

Aimee Giles, Richard May, Jenn Austin, behaviour analysis

Dr Aimee Giles

Dr Giles' research area focuses on improving interventions and outcomes for individuals with disabilities. She is interested in pursuing two lines of research: evaluation of interventions and caregiver training. Because children with disabilities are frequently behind their same-age peers academically, it is important to identify the most efficient and effective teaching methods for these children. Therefore, her research is focussed on evaluating evidence-based teaching strategies for children with disabilities and the characteristics of those interventions that result in learning. In addition to evaluating interventions, she focusses on dissemination and best-practice training strategies for teachers and caregivers.

Dr Richard May

Dr May’s interests lie in investigating complex human behaviour from a behaviour analytic perspective. Recently, he has explored topics such as derived relational responding, the application of B.F. Skinner’s Verbal Behavior (1957) to language intervention, staff training for behaviour therapists, and the use of mobile technology as part of instruction.

Dr Jennifer Austin

Dr Austin’s research focusses on behaviour analytic applications in schools, especially with regard to teacher education, intervention planning and evaluation for typically developing children with severe behavioural challenges, and behaviour analytic teaching strategies for university students. She is also interested in the application of Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support in Welsh primary schools, as well as how school-based behaviour analytic interventions can be transferred to home settings.

You can find out more about their work on the Psychology Research Unit website.