Course helped me to advance in my nursing career

Anita Hillier BSc_Acute_Critical_Care_

When Anita Hillier started the BSc Acute and Critical Care course, she was working as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of Morriston Hospital, Swansea. After graduating, she secured a new role as a Critical Care Outreach nurse in the same hospital.

"My role is to review critically ill patients on hospital wards to ensure that they receive timely treatment in order to prevent their condition from deteriorating - or ensure that they are reviewed and transferred in a timely manner to an area which can provide a higher level of care.

The Acute and Critical Care course has been interesting and applicable to my daily work and although time consuming, it has been enjoyable. It has helped to increase my knowledge base and therefore improve my practice. 

The assessments in the Simulation Centre have been educational and a lot of fun - you can't do much damage to a manikin!

I have gained a lot of new knowledge and skills. These include:

  • Improved knowledge of law – this will help protect myself and my patients
  • Improved knowledge of physiology
  • It has enhanced my assessment skills which will benefit sick patients

Also, it has given me a clear path to continue my education.

I can now progress on to a postgraduate qualification in Acute and Critical Care so that I can advance in my career."