It has impacted on my professional performance and confidence

Kirsty Bilski

Kirsty Llinos Bilski, a BACP Accredited Therapist from Swansea, graduated in 2015 from the MA Consultative Supervision, and won a special recognition award for the Best Dissertation. Kirsty previously studied the MA Counselling Children and Young People and has just begun her PhD at USW.

Why this course

"Before the course, I was working as a school-based counsellor for the local county borough council. As my academic career progressed, I chose to move on to working in private practice. I am now a Director of Way Forward Counselling Services, with a team of counsellors working for me. I have developed a large counselling and supervision practice. 

I was drawn to USW by recommendation from previous students and my own research into what was on offer. I feel the courses here are of exceptional quality and delivered by knowledgeable, experienced and approachable staff. Once hooked, I have found it hard to leave!

Learning curves

I learnt a great deal from this course, not only in terms of supervising on a one to one basis but also in managing and facilitating group supervision also.  I am particularly creative in my style and approach to therapy and therefore found it really useful to learn ways of applying my natural creativity to the supervision process. 

I also learnt to demand more from my own supervision along with recognising where I could make adjustments and improvements in my own work as a therapist. The course made me more aware of safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults and children processes within supervision work. I also gained confidence as a professional as the course unfolded.

My own research

I wrote a 20,000 word dissertation on ‘How might existing supervision models and theory integrate to underpin the use of sandtray in counselling supervision and what are the potential benefits of its use?’ 

This was an unusual piece of writing as there is very little written about the use of sand-tray in supervision, the literature surrounding sandplay is more accessible although there are some very clear differences between the world of sand-tray and sandplay. This was a theoretical investigation into both approaches, an exploration of applicable supervision theory and a synthesis of theoretical ideas, underpinned by the research, giving rise to a contemporary approach to sandtray supervision.

Growing professionally and personally

The MA in Consultative Supervision is an amazing opportunity to amalgamate your learning and grow professionally as a supervisor. I have really appreciated my learning and I know it has impacted my professional performance and confidence. You can also expect to notice aspects of your own therapeutic practice enhanced by this course of study. I thoroughly recommend to anyone who wishes to qualify as a consultative supervisor.

I have developed professionally over this time and believe more wholeheartedly in my abilities and all I offer the world. I would like to say I leave USW completely satisfied and really grateful for my learning experiences….however, now I am a PhD student and this won’t be the case until 2020!"