Preparing for the future

Malcolm_Begley - PcET part time

Malcolm Begley is the Network and Systems Manager at SA Brain and Company Ltd. He is studying the part-time Post Compulsory Education and Training (PcET) at Newport City Campus.

"The teaching I do at work is very specialised and involves everything from instructing new staff on how to operate machinery correctly and in a safe manner to complex networking training.

I chose to study the Post Compulsory Education and Training to improve my teaching knowledge and methods but also in preparation for a career move into higher education teaching at some point in the future.

The teaching course so far has been very interesting and has a friendly atmosphere. The Preparing to Teach and the Learning and Applying Pedagogy modules have been particularly interesting and useful in my current role.

What’s more, it has been beneficial to meet fellow students from different sectors and compare the difference in teaching methods and share the various problems we encounter."