Degree Apprenticeships



Degree apprenticeships are a great way for students to find real work experience and for employers to fill skill gaps.

 Combining the learnings of higher education and real-world work experience, employers, universities and professional bodies specifically design degree apprenticeships in order for both parties (students and employers) to get gain huge benefits from one another. 


students apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are an alternative to traditional university study that are becoming increasingly popular amongst students. 

You will be placed into a working environment, gaining real-world workplace experience and earning a salary, whilst simultaneously working towards a degree qualification upon successful completion of the apprenticeship. 

Earn while you learn

You will be employed and paid a working wage throughout the course duration.

Nationally-recognised qualifications

Upon the successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will gain a full degree, recognised nationally.

Real-world work experience

Acquire the expertise, knowledge and skills that you need to succeed in your chosen career path.

Ongoing and personalised support

You'll be assigned an assessor who is the person responsible for setting all of your work, marking it and guiding you through your course.

Improve your employability and develop skills through training

Degree apprenticeships provide you with a great platform to improve your skills and knowledge and connect you with businesses, improving your employability.

How do I apply? 

Details of how to apply and the deadline are published alongside the details of each apprenticeship. You can find these within each apprenticeship listing under 'current vacancies'. 

Our industry connections and emphasis on equipping students with real-world experiences make our graduates among the most employable in the UK. Inside and outside the classroom, we help you achieve your potential professionally and personally.

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By working in partnership with USW, you can use degree apprenticeships to grow your business, boost productivity and plan for the future.

Strengthen the skills of your current workforce or provide students with the opportunity to be an apprentice in your workplace, through tailored programmes that combine work experience with academic teaching.

Funded by the government to cover costs

The apprenticeship levy system fund much of the degree apprenticeship process. Find out more here.

High quality, sector-specific training

Many of the degree apprenticeships can be tailored specifically to your business industry.

Motivated staff to boost productivity

Apprenticeships boost productivity to your business by an average of £214 per week*, and in return, the apprentices can gain nationally-recognised qualifications to improve their knowledge in your sector.

Flexible delivery to suit your business

You'll work in partnership with the University of South Wales to ensure that the apprenticeship programme works for both you and the employee.

Contact us:

If you're interested in the degree apprenticeship programme, we'd be happy to arrange an initial meeting to discuss options. 

We are keen to develop our degree apprenticeship opportunities and would be happy to hear from employers interested in this type of programme.

Please contact us using the following email and let us know if you'd like to discuss enrolling your staff, becoming an apprenticeship supplier or finding an apprentice: 

Our degree apprenticeships offer employers the opportunity to nurture their own talent. Employers can chose to upskill existing apprentices or recruit and train new apprentices at degree level.

We believe that this type of work/study is invaluable for both employees and employers, and as such, we are investing in this area.

The employer, apprentice and university will sign an Apprenticeship Learning Agreement which outlines the role, responsibilities and commitments of all parties.

Our dedicated team will support the employer and apprentice throughout their journey. We will advise on the best entry point for the apprentice based on their existing qualifications and experience and assess the individual’s specific learning and development needs.

As part of our partnership we will provide updates on the apprentices progress as well as offer opportunities to meet throughout their time on the programme. 

Funding entitlement 

Each year, businesses with a payroll of more than £3 million per year pay a levy percentage of their pay bill. These funds are collected to support apprenticeship programmes.

As an employer you can access Levy funding and government funding through the delivery of apprenticeships.  USW can support you through this process.

For more information on how apprenticeship funding works, you can visit the .gov website by clicking here.