Joshua Kitetu

Joshua Kitetu

Joshua is a Lecturer  based at USW Dubai. He lectures on modules regarding aerospace propulsion, aerodynamics and those which involve working towards the EASA certificate.

Having graduated from Moscow State University Civil Aviation, Joshua moved on to study a Masters in thermal power from Cranfield University. It is here, he found his interests lay in thermo-fluids, aerodynamics, propulsion and aircraft systems. 

Prior to lecturing at USW Dubai, Joshua worked in the department of aerospace and aviation engineering at the Technical University of Kenya. Here, he developed a similar programme as the one offered here. 

Joshua is very passionate about helping transform students into industry-leading engineering graduates by preparing them to tackle technical challenges. A key part of Joshua’s agenda is to expose our students to the latest industry practise and technologies, through frequent visits and participation with regional airlines and other expert training organisations.

Being a part of the team launching USW Dubai is fascinating just as it is challenging. We have an opportunity to develop the best programme in aerospace engineering with support from a great team and the latest technology. I view it as an opportunity to make great history for USW!”