Nehha Amreen - AME Lecturer, Dubai

Nehha Amreen

Nehha is a Lecturer at USW Dubai and teaches on the BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Top-Up courses. The modules she is involved with are, emerging aerospace technology, advances in aerospace propulsion, aerospace mechanics and human factor analysis. Nehha’s teaching focuses on aerodynamics and emerging technologies in the aviation industry such as big data, hybrid aircraft, improved propulsion systems all while focusing on environment challenges that come with new technology.

Nehha’s background in aviation started at Staffordshire University where she studied an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in aeronautical engineering, and having come from a family of university lecturers and engineers, she knew exactly what she wanted to do from a young age.

Having completed an internship with Falcon Aviation Services during her postgraduate degree, Nehha’s experience in the aviation industry grew. She then moved on to work as a lecturer for Emirates Aviation in 2017, before joining USW.

When asked why she went in to teaching, she said:

“I remember what it was like being a student in this field; there were many difficult concepts to understand. By lecturing, I am able to help others and explain these concepts in a way that's easy to comprehend. In addition, I am able to carry out research topics that interest me. My work is exciting to me and I enjoy it! If you like your job and what you do, it does not feel like a job, to me, this is more like pursuing my passion."

Keep a look out for Nehha at schools or careers events when USW Dubai is exhibiting. She will be able to tell you all about USW Dubai and why you should study here.