Prince Diego - Dubai AME Technician

Prince Diego

Prince Diego is the Technician at USW Dubai. A big part of his role is to be a practical assessor, this involves running the workshop and supervising students while they are using the equipment. Students will work with Prince during their practical sessions, this includes how to work with the aircraft, gas turbine engine, and in the riveting and drilling workshop.

After graduating with a degree in aeronautical engineering at the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services, College of Aeronautics, Prince became a licensed aeronautical engineer. 

Prior to the University of South Wales Dubai, Prince worked as an Aerospace Lab Instructor / Lab Technician and as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer before moving in to teaching, where he is eager to pass on his industry expertise.

He says, "It is a great opportunity to be part of a team which offers the students a high standard and quality education, here, in the heart of an emerging global hub for the aviation industry."