Fees & Scholarships

Finance and funding are important factors when choosing where and whether to study. At the University of South Wales, we offer specialist support and advice to help you make sense of it all.

Undergraduate tuition fees 2019/20
Honours degrees and foundation years

  • Tuition fee: AED 78,459
  • Scholarship: AED 7,655

Amount to be paid: AED 70,804 (inc. VAT)

Top-up degree

  • Tuition fee: AED 86,305
  • Scholarship: AED 10,206

Amount to be paid: AED 76,099 (inc. VAT)

Postgraduate tuition fees 2019/20

MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Tuition fee: AED 72,900
  • Scholarship: AED 9,729

Amount to be paid: AED 63,171 AED (inc. VAT)

Fast-track MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Tuition fee: AED 50,058
  • Scholarship: AED 9,729

Amount to be paid: AED 40,329 (inc. VAT)

Please note: The above tuition fees represent an annual fee for each year of study. If you make an application to the University of South Wales Dubai, and you are made an offer of admission, your tuition fee will be confirmed in your offer letter. Offer letters are sent to your registered email address after your application has been processed.

Tuition fees do not include accommodation and transport charges. You will need to consider additional costs such as visas, medical insurance and living costs including travel, accommodation and day-to-day expenses. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE) law requires all non-national students to obtain a visa for the duration of their studies. Student visas are issued for a 12 month period, so renewals will be required for each academic year of study on our undergraduate programmes offered in Dubai. 

Please note: The cost of a visa is set by the UAE Government Services Office (GSO) and is subject to change. 

Download: Additional costs 2018/19 (PDF, 75KB).

USW charges tuition fees for the delivery of its courses and you have the responsibility for payment. 

A minimum deposit of 25% must be paid to the University before your pre-enrolment can be processed*. The deposit will be held against fees for your course and is not usually refundable (see Section 2). Any refund will usually be subject to a 1000 AED administration charge. The remaining 75% can be paid in three equal payments. The usual payment deadline for each year of study is the last working day of the following months. For courses starting in September, payment dates are pre-enrolment, November, January and March. For courses starting in February, payment dates are pre-enrolment, April, June and August. 

USW will invoice you (or, if applicable, a third party paying on your behalf) for the tuition fees, to be paid on the date stipulated in the invoice. If a third party is paying your fees and payment is not made in full by the due date, USW will consider your personal circumstances and you may be invoiced personally for any outstanding balance.

You are contractually obliged to pay the tuition fees and all other charges on the dates they fall due following your acceptance of the offer made by USW Dubai. If you fail to make payment of the tuition fees and all other charges, the University reserves the right to suspend and/or withdraw you from your studies. 

Students will pay the fee based on the fee regime in place at their initial enrolment on a course. This commitment will hold for the normal course length (i.e. the length of the course expected at the start of the course). Students who transfer to a different mode of study (i.e. full-time to part-time or vice versa) will be charged according to the fee regime of the academic year during which they transfer. 

You must read all of the University information regarding deposit, fees and scholarships, and ensure that you can full meet your financial responsibilities. You can find this information, including, how to pay deposit here. For more information regarding payment options, withdrawal/suspension and debt recovery, please see the University's Fees and Debt Management Policy.

*For out-country applicants, this includes the Entry Visa application process.

What happens next?

Once you have paid your deposit to study at University of South Wales Dubai, you must apply for your visa to live in the UAE. You can do this by clicking the visa button below.