You've accepted our offer to study at the University of South Wales Dubai (USW Dubai), cleared all academic conditions and paid part of your tuition fees , now you're ready to start your next exciting chapter - moving to the United Arab Emirates. Here's everything you need to know about how to apply for a visa.

Laws in the UAE require all non-national students to obtain a student visa for the duration of their studies. The process normally takes 15-20 working days. The University will assist in obtaining your visa, which is valid for 12 months and renewable each year. If you have any queries please email:

Please note: Visa fees are set by Immigration and subject to change. Delays are beyond the control of the University and you are advised to apply for your visa as early as possible. Late applications may be subject to an additional express processing fee. 

Students from outside the UAE will need to apply for a Student Residence Visa.

All students requiring a student visa must fill and submit a:

Please send your completed forms to: A member of our team will complete the process for you. 

Note: Please ensure all documents are of the specified size and format. 

Students must pay an AED 2,500 refundable visa deposit before entering the UAE. You are able to pay this the same time as your first tuition fee installment. Pay your visa deposit.

Application fees

New, out-country students: AED 4,670
New, in-country students: AED 5,470*

Fees include AED 2,500 refundable visa deposit (see visa cancellation), visa fees, medical examination fees and Emirates ID card fee and processing fees.

* AED 800 Visa change of status fee imposed by immigration.

Per UAE visa laws, all students must have medical insurance for the duration of their visa. Students issued with a 12-month visa will have access to the University's preferred provider for medical insurance. 

It is compulsory for all students sponsored by USW Dubai to obtain medical insurance through the University's preferred provider, AXA. 

The insurance will provide students with medical cover in the UAE for most expenses incurred by students. USW Dubai does not provide the medical insurance and the student's contract will be with AXA. 

USW Dubai subsidises the cost of medical insurance and coverage is provided on a paid basis for new and returning students. The student is responsible for paying the annual cost of insurance to the University; the University will arrange the medical insurance on the student’s behalf.

This medical insurance will become active after the student residence visa is issued and the visa is stamped in the passport. Prior to this, students must obtain and maintain their own medical insurance.

Medical insurance through the University’s preferred provider is optional for non-sponsored students. Non-sponsored students who obtain and maintain their own medical insurance must provide evidence to the University.

Medical Insurance fee: AED 1,500

Students can apply for a short-term visa if they would like to attend the graduation celebration event or any short course offered by the University. Short-term visit visas are available for 30 days or less and 90 days or less. Medical insurance will not be provided by the University for short-term visit visas. 

All students must check USW Dubai's information on visas.

The information includes a complete guide on how to apply for an Entry Permit (if applicable) and Student Resident Visa. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide correct and valid documentation for any visa application. You must also ensure that you make any visa application in sufficient time for you to receive your visa and to travel to the UAE before the latest date at which you are allowed to enrol. 

If your Student Resident Visa application is not approved by the end of the given enrolment period then it will be withdrawn. If you fail to make a visa application in time or you provide invalid, factually incorrect or inaccurate documentation in a visa application, you may lose the deposit you paid to the University. If your visa application is refused, deposits will only be refunded once you have submitted evident of your full visa refusal notification.

The tuition fee deposit and visa deposit must be paid to the University via Bank Transfer using Student ID and full name as the reference. All other fees will be invoiced to the student.

You will be issued with your EID card on successful completion of your visa application.

Visas must be renewed for each year of study and before the expiry date of your current visa. It is recommended that students liaise with the University to begin the visa renewal at least one month prior to the expiry of their current visa. Failure to do so may hinder student progression and result in a fine being imposed by Immigration. 

Visa renewal fee:  AED 1,700

Fee includes visa and processing fees. 

Visas must be cancelled immediately upon course completion or withdrawal from study. The process normally takes 15-20 working days. The University will liaise with you to initiate and process the visa cancellation. Following confirmation of a visa cancellation, the student will be refunded the visa deposit minus any visa and accommodation related expenses incurred by the University.

Q. What does in-country and out-country mean?

A. This refers to where you applied for your visa / if you were outside the UAE when you applied for your current entry permit / residence visa you will be classed as out-country.

Q. Who can apply for an in-country visa?

A. If you have parent sponsorship, a visit or tourist visa you are eligible to apply in-country.

Q. If I apply for an in-country visa, would I have to leave the UAE and re-enter?

A. You can apply for a local amendment to transfer your current visa. There is an additional cost for this service. Note: you cannot do this on a tourist visa and will have to leave the UAE. 

Q. I am currently on a tourist visa, how can I apply for a student visa?

A. As per the Dubai Immigration Regulations, a candidate on a tourist visa can apply while based in the UAE, but they will be required to leave the UAE through immigration and re-enter with a student visa. Please note: it is not necessary to go back to your home country, for example, travelling to a neighbouring country, such as Oman, is acceptable.

Q. What documents do I need to apply for a visa?

A. The following information must be submitted, by email to the University:

  • Completed student visa application
  • Completed Student Undertaking form
  • Scanned colour passport copy - passport must have validity of six months (JPEG format and maxi file size 100kb)
  • Scanned colour passport size photograph (jpeg format, max file size 30kb) size - 4.3cm x 5.5cm with white background (JPEG, 200 DPI, 300x355 pixels and a maximum file size 100kb).
  • Payment of specified tuition fee

Q. Can I obtain a visa if I am under 18?

A. Yes, but there are additional immigration requirements:

  • A no objection (NOC) letter from the student's parents stating they have no objection for them to travel to the UAE (attested from the UAE Embassy if the parent is out of the UAE, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai if the parent is in the UAE) 
  • Letter to clarify the student's accommodation details in the UAE
  • High school certificate copy

If applying for a student visa from within the UAE, you must supply your original visa and cancellation paper (must have at least 20 days validity).

All documents must be colour scanned copies in JPEG format with a max file size of 100kb.

Q. What is the medical test?

A. You will be required to undertake a blood test and chest x-ray for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy. If results come back positive for any of these conditions, you will be deported. It is advised you take a test in your home country before travelling. You will also be required to undertake biometric testing. This is when your finger prints will be scanned. This will enable you to receive your Emirates ID card. 

Q. What is an Emirates ID card?

A. All residents in the UAE are required to have a valid Emirates ID. It contains an electronic chip that stores vital information about the cardholder such as name, DOB, nationality, marital status, fingerprint and electronic signature. You apply for the card once your medical tests have been completed. You cannot renew, or cancel a visa with this ID. If this card is lost you must visit any Emirates ID Centre to receive a search certificate which confirms that you do hold an ID card. This will need to be submitted to the University prior to you renewing or cancelling your visa. 

Q. I've applied for my visa, how do I now enrol?

A. Within three days of arriving in the UAE, you will need to present your immigration documents to our campus team. Our team will help you with your personalised enrolment checks and issue your student ID card.