What to do next?

You are required to complete the enrolment process in order to be permitted to study on your course.  To make this as smooth as possible please carefully read and follow the relevant guidance:

Step One: Set up your University IT account

Step Two: Complete Online Enrolment

Step Three: Collect your Student ID Card

Enrol online

We will email you with details of how to enrol online (which includes your USW student ID to enable login - your UCAS ID won't work). Once enrolled you can collect your student ID card from the designated collection points.

Please note: the Student Enrolment System currently works best with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. If you experience problems perhaps consider retrying with these browsers.

>> Enrol now

Student loan

If you are eligible for a student loan, you will need to have enrolled online, collected and scanned your student ID card in order for your student loan to be released. Here is more information on when you will receive your student loan.

Before you can enrol you will need to attend Pontypridd Campus for your personal enrolment checks to be carried out. 

The Student Administration Team will be available to guide you through the process in room H033, Hirwaun building between Monday 16 September and Friday 20 September.

Please refer to the enrolment information for further guidance on the process.

Find out how to pay your fees.

Student ID card

Collecting your student ID card is the final step to enrolling at the University.  The multi-purpose Student ID card acts as your University identification, library card, door entry card and allows you access to University services and facilities.

Your Student ID Card will be issued following your personal enrolment check being carried out at Pontypridd Campus, room H033, Hirwaun Building.

Need help?

Advice Zone Online FAQs give answers to everything from enrolment issues to timetables, paying your tuition fees, student loan information, health and wellbeing and much more.

Once you have an active IT account you can sign into Advice Zone Online to ask your questions.

Dubai campus students

You need to present your immigration documents at the Dubai Campus during Induction Week.  The Campus Team will help you with your personalised enrolment checks and issue your student ID card.

Terms and conditions of course enrolment

The University's terms and conditions of course enrolment includes confidentiality, data protection, disclosure of information to third parties, equality and diversity and the Student Declaration.