Jargon buster

Although we try and be as clear as we can in our communications to you, when  you arrive at the University, there might be some things that you don't understand and some new lingo to learn. This jargon buster may help you.

Getting Started

  • Enrolment - before you officially become a University of South Wales student, you need to enrol. Most students will be able to enrol online (from this website, once you have received an email from us), although international students will need to enrol in person. When you get here, you will receive your Student ID card during your 'Meet the Course Leader’ session.

  • Induction - this is how we introduce you to the University. Your academic induction is organised by your course leader and is in your induction timetable. Please check this so you know where and when to turn up. 

Academic jargon

  • Lecture - One of the ways that you will learn is by attending lectures. This is a large class, with one lecturer delivering to  to a group of students. 

  • Seminar - Small groups of teaching, where you’ll engage in discussion with other students and a member of staff.

  • Module - Your course will be made up of different modules. Some modules are core (compulsory) and some modules are optional. You will learn what modules you will be taking during your academic induction. 

Building names

Building names can be confusing (especially at Treforest). You might want to familiarise yourself with maps of campus and use our find a room service. You  might hear of buildings being referred to as their initial, rather than their actual building name. For example, you might hear the Brecon Building being referred to as 'B block.'


The University of South Wales is spread over three main campuses.

  • Cardiff - this campus is mainly based in the ATRiuM building, but courses are also taught in Atlantic House, across the road from ATRiuM.

  • Newport - this campus is in the heart of Newport, right next to the river.

  • Pontypridd - there are two sites at Pontypridd - Treforest and Glyntaff. The A470 divides the two areas, but they are easily accessible by foot or a regular shuttle bus.


Faculty - the University has four faculties, which is a way for us to group our courses. Each faculty has a dean, who manages the faculty. Faculties are made up of schools, which are smaller groupings of courses.

  • FBS - Faculty of Business and Society - based in our Pontypridd, Cardiff and Newport campuses.

  • CES - Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science. Based in our Pontypridd and Newport campuses.

  • FCI - Faculty of Creative Industries - based in our Cardiff Campus.

  • FLSE (or LSE) - the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education (not the London School of Economics!). This faculty has courses on all the campuses.


The University offers a wide range of support. Here are a selection of our services.

  • Student Money Advice team - these are the people who give you money advice. You can go and see them if you have any questions about loans, scholarships, bursaries or grants. 

  • Finance - these are the people who you need to speak to about tuition fees and paying them. 

  • Advice Zone - they are based on each campus and you can go there for any support or advice that you might need. This can range from academic problems to personal issues. They can point you in the right direction. 

  • Unilife - this is a website for current students. You may find this directory of support services useful.